101 Lyrics (Alicia Keys)

101 is taken from Alicia Keys hit studio album Girl On Fire, 101 is performed by Alicia Keys. 101 is also superbly produced by Alicia Keys and co-written by Britain’s sensational talent Emeli Sandé.
The official 101 Lyrics can be viewed below.

Verse 1
You used to the sound of a heart that’s breaking
I know it don’t faze you anymore
You’re the king of the game that you’re playing
I know you’ve played it a hundred times before

You fill your bedroom up with trophies
Then you get a kick out of closing the door
Got all the words to keep on hoping
I know you’ve said them a hundred times before

Then there’s me, all fox for your gun
Then there’s me, just love me for fun
Then there’s me, no use in pretending
Oh there’s me, a 101

Verse 2
I might as well stand in front of a bullet
Close my eyes and kick the chair to the floor
It’s like a speeding train is coming,
I know you’ve crashed it 100 times before


Verse 3
Everybody says I gotta be crazy
That I deserve everything that I get
But I got a feeling
That makes me wanna ignore all that you’ve done a 100 times before

Verse 4
Cause then there’s me, could I be the one
And baby there’s me, to make you undone
Uh darling there’s me, no use, no use in pretending
Oh there’s me, a 101
Me, 101
So I gotta be, I gotta be, I gotta be a 101
Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s me
Maybe I could be, Maybe pretend
I gotta be, I wanna be 101,
Yeah baby

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