50 Cent Continues To Bully Steve Stoute

50 Cent continues to bully Steve Stoute after he confronted him at the Knicks game last Friday, February 28.

The New York rhymer continues to make fun at the advertising executive by recently posting a split image on Instagram with a funny caption. One of the photos shows Stoute wearing a pink shirt hugging Diddy, who’s also wearing a pink shirt. The other photo shows Diddy close to Ross as if they are kissing.

“I aint saying nothing,but something ain’t right. Lmao #smsaudio,” the rapper captioned the photo. He eventually removed the photo without any explanation however; this didn’t stop the photo from becoming viral over the Internet.

Last Saturday, March 1, 50 Cent posted a video mocking Stoute.

Peps Final Say

50 Cent has always been that guy that you don’t want it from in the media as he always goes in hard. If you recall the Rick Ross beef then that is a indicator to stay well clear from confrontation, especially when it comes to all them spoofs and disses online. I think he might be going over the top with this whole Steve Stoute situation and is leading me to think that there is more to the story rather than Steve’s comments on the Breakfast Club or Hot 97 with Angie.

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