Ashanti Chapter II Album Review

Born to a family of performers, the music diva Ashanti really had no choice but to follow suit. She was already genetically pre-disposed to be famous. Her mother was a dancer and a father was a singer. Ashanti grew up to be a singer, dancer and more; actress, model, songwriter and record producer. She has nurtured these talents so perfectly that they have kept her at the top and even earned her the name of princess of R&B and hip-hop. Her outgoing and very versatile personality can pitch her against any other diva and she would come out tops. She is also very beautiful and this is definitely an advantage for her. Like her name suggests, she is a force to reckon with; powerful and demanding respect.

Talking about success, Ashanti’s first album was of monumental success. She sold millions of copies both at home and abroad and this made her fans wait with baited breath to see what her second album would have for them. The second Ashanti album was titled Chapter II. Ashanti songs can easily be recognized by their creative lyrics and lovely beat and the songs in this album did not disappoint at all. It was another slam-dunk so to speak as the album whizzed past others to land at the number one spot in the Billboard 200. In the first week alone this incredible album had sold more than 300,000 copies. That was just the first week! One month later the RIAA had no choice but to certify the album as not gold but Platinum. Ashanti scooped away three Grammies with this album and these were Best R&B, Best female vocal and best contemporary album. This was an even huger success than the first.

Ashanti Chapter II Album Song Pick

The Album is filled with 20 tracks all of which are well produced and therefore it was difficult to select one specific track from the album that stood above the rest.  For this choice i went a little commercial and chose the song that stuck in my head even today. The song pick was Rock wit U (Awww Baby) as I felt that this track was reminiscent to a great period of when R&B was dominating the charts and also when Murder Inc was doing extremely well.  Rock wit U went straight to the number two position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and became her first international hit from her second album, reaching number seven in the UK and number nineteen in Australia. In addition to chart success Rock wit U became Ashanti’s most successful song in Japan peaking at number 2 on Tokio’s Hot 100 and number 3 on the Year End Chart.

Ashanti Album Track Tracklist

# Title Artist(s) Length
1 Intro/Medley Ashanti 1:18
2 Shany’s World Ashanti (featuring Chink Santana) 3:05
3 Rock wit U (Awww Baby) Ashanti 3:29
4 What Are They Gonna Say Now (skit) Ashanti 0:31
5 Breakup 2 Makeup Ashanti 3:41
6 I Found Lovin Ashanti 4:15
7 Rain on Me Ashanti 4:57
8 Then Ya Gone Ashanti (featuring Chink Santana) 4:59
9 Living My Life Ashanti 3:46
10 Black Child (skit) Ashanti 1:28
11 Feel So Good Ashanti 4:31
12 Carry On Ashanti 3:15
13 The Sugar Shack (skit) Ashanti 1:10
14 The Story of 2 Ashanti 4:33
15 Ohhh Ahhh Ashanti 4:36
16 Shany Shia (skit) Ashanti 1:11
17 Sweet Baby Ashanti 4:08
18 U Say, I Say Ashanti (featuring Gunnz) 4:09
19 I Don’t Mind Ashanti 5:04
20 Outro Ashanti (featuring Chink Santana) 0:58

Peps Final Say

Every album has songs that make it the absolute best to fans and Chapter II reached the top for all it songs but most especially because of three songs; ‘breakup to make-up’, ‘rock with you’ and ‘rain on me’. For Ashanti Chapter II could not have come at a better time. It made her one of the most famous female musicians alive. Upon release, this album was able to hold on to the number one spot for 30 weeks running. Talk about astounding! Ashanti was definitely on the roll. Rock with you and rain on me were both ranked as moderate successes as they did not get to the number one spot in most charts but the reception by fans was still phenomenal to say the least. Every album review about this album has highlighted these two songs as spawns for the album.

I have always be a huge fan of Ashanti’s vocal talent and her music has always been consistent and relevant.  For Ashanti Chapter II this album is packed with great music and certainly a huge recommendation to massive fans of R&B or just good music in general.



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