B.o.B Talks About “Underground Luxury”

B.o.B recently released the cover art, release date as well as the tracklisting of his so-called “album of the year”, Underground Luxury. He made the announcement during one of the episodes of “106 & Park.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Underground Luxury will be hitting stores December 17. Album of the year. Hands down,” the Atlanta rapper said. Additionally, he shared, “Don’t get me wrong. All the success from ‘Nothin’ On You’ and ‘Airplanes’ was cool, but I come back home, go in the clubs and I want to hear myself in the clubs. That’s how ‘Headband’ came about, ‘Still In This [Bitch]’ with Juicy J and T.I. and now we on ‘Ready’ with Future. Now with the album, it’s a lot more eclectic with sounds that nobody’s really doing. It’s a well rounded project.”

During one of his interviews last September, B.o.B was enthusiastic to discuss about his upcoming album saying, “I want to say that this project is a project that is kind of like a contrasting title, you know, Underground Luxury. I would say, to paraphrase it, this is connecting the dots, from who I was as an artist before the major success to where I’m at now. And it’s a lot more unfiltered and unedited than anything I’ve ever done. So I think it’s going to be a great project, great, monumental, career shifting project. I’m actually done with it, but we’re really just having fun with it, man. We’re making a movie, you know, me and my team. We’re just kind of sitting back and watching everything, watching how people respond to music.”

Below is the complete tracklisting of his album:

1. “All I Want”
2. “One Day”
3. “Paper Route”
4. “Ready” (feat. Future)
5. “Throwback” (feat. Chris Brown)
6. “Back Me Up”
7. “Coastline”
8. “Wide Open”
9. “FlyMuthaF**ka”
10. “HeadBand” (feat. 2 Chainz)
11. “John Doe” (feat. Priscilla Renea)
12. “Cranberry Moon Walk” (feat. Mike Fresh)
13. “Nobody Told Me”
14. “Forever”
15. “We Still in This Bitch” (feat. T.I. & Juicy J)

Peps Final Say

B.o.B is an extremely creative artist and I have grown to love his music and the originality behind the way his songs are constructed. Underground Luxury I think is gonna be a big project and will be successful. The tracklist looks great with all the incredible features.

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