Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014

Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014, in what has gone down as one of the sweetest UK Cup Clashes in a longtime. Clash fans rallied to Troxy nightclub in full attendance of 3000 patrons to witness 7 big sounds engage in an all out sound warfare and the patrons was left far from unsatisfied in a close battle contest between some of the worlds top sounds.
The sounds competing on the night was Jahman Nuclear (United Kingdom), Metro Media (Jamaica) featuring Sky Juice and Oliver, Fire Links (Jamaica), Heavy Hammer (Italy), King Addies (United States of America), Little Sample (United Kingdom) and Bass Odyssey (Jamaica). The biggest element of surprise on the night was the custom dub box from Italian sound Heavy Hammer who Bass Odyssey wrestled for the trophy in the Tune-Fi-Tune to be named UK Cup Clash 2014 champions.

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 1

Round 1 in the UK Cup Clash was a non-eliminator round and was a chance for all the sounds to feel out the crowd and get an opportunity to flex their muscles against their competitors. Jahman Nuclear started proceedings and certainly had a strong introduction round where the selector received numerous amount of forwards for the big dub plates and speeches. Next up was Metro Media out of Jamaica who also had a strong 1st round with Sky Juice commanding the stage with strong stage presence and doing what he does best by entertaining the crowd with big speeches and anthem Dubs. Fire Links was next to the stage and was successful in utilizing dubs and 45 to keep the crowd on his side. Next up was the Italian sound Heavy Hammer who possibly had the best introduction round by featuring a barrage of custom dub plates which turned the dance on its head and made their intentions known from the start that they would be the sound to watch. After Heavy Hammer was New York’s finest King Addies who had a disappointing 1st round and was actually booed consistently after their round ended which meant that Kingpin had to come up with a master plan to try and get the crowd on their side in the next round. Little Sample was next to the stage and like the other sounds enjoyed a good introduction round and finally Bass Odyssey was last up and both Worm and Damian closed out the first round with a great performance.

Round 1 Winner: Heavy Hammer

Round 1 Eliminated Sound: None

Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 2

Round 2 in the UK Cup Clash 2014 is where things start to get serious and one sound would be eliminated by the crowd. Jahman Nuclear was first up to start round 2 and was not as strong as his introduction round but did receive a couple of forwards throughout his 10 minutes round but was far from safe. Metro Media who was positioned to play 2nd enjoyed a decent round and based on their performance edged out Jahman Nuclear as possibly the first safe sound. Fire Links possibly had the strongest 2nd round and continuing the tactics of 45 and Dubs received some great forwards for big speech and stage performance and was the first sound in round 2 to ensure passage into the 3rd round. Heavy Hammer continued showing that they was no push over sound and unleashed more custom dubs to install more fear into the other 6 sounds and got huge forwards which showed that they have deep pocket of money. King Addies was up next and considering their introduction round there was no room for error and complacency and unfortunately as they did a little better than their introduction they still failed to win over the crowd and was facing the prospects of going home early. Little Sample did not enjoy as much as a strong round this time around and was hovering around the prospect of elimination like Jahman Nuclear and King Addies. Bass Odyssey was next on the battlefield and had another consistently great round, and hats have to be shown for the character of both Worm and Damian considering the fact that all the previous sounds was trying to play out most of the big bounty Killa’s and Bass Odyssey anthems they still went through the round unscathed.

Round 2 Winner: Fire Links

Round 2 Eliminated Sound: King Addies

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 3

Round 3 in the UK Cup Clash 2014 is the combination round where all sounds have to play combination dubs and 2 sounds will face the prospects of being eliminated. Jahman nuclear failed to match his previous performances and it was clear to show that his grip on the crowd was slowing starting to fade. Sky Juice and Metro Media did well in the combination round as they dust off even more anthems and the likes of some big Buju Banton combinations assured that Metro Media should be safe in this round. Fire Links started strongly drawing some decent forwards but there was quite a few shaky moments where questions could be asked about some of the combinations that Links chose to play. But when it counted Links had the crowd on his side to ensure that he should also be safe enough to get into the 4th round. Yet again Heavy Hammer was living up to their name with HUGE combinations that flattened the dance. Most notable was Stylo G in combination with Gappy Ranks and a Bounty Killer and Beenie Man combination which was an absolute classic. The Italian set the bench mark in this round and was the 1st sound that you could say made it to the 4th round comfortably. Little Sample seem to struggle in this round to get the full backing from the crowd with their choice of combinations and when their round was completed you felt that possibly the 2 names which would be candidates for elimination would be Jahman Nuclear and Little Sample. Bass Odyssey was up next to close out the round and yet again had a consistently good round playing some of their combination anthems which was well appreciated by the fans.

Round 3 Winner: Heavy Hammer

Round 3 Eliminated Sound: Jahman Nuclear and Little Sample

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 4

Round 4 of UK Cup Clash was an anything goes round where 1 sound would be eliminated and up first was Metro-media. Considering who was left in the competition Metro-media and Sky Juice had to pull out a big performance to make it through and unfortunately failed drastically. The anthems just could not save Metro-media and even Sky Juice had to resort to removing his shirt to do his famous belly dance which backfired on the vetron in the worst way possible with the crowd booing consistently. Up next was Fire Links with a huge grin knowing that it would not take much to have a more successful round that Metro-media. Links made sure that Metro was going home and played Buju Boom Bye Bye targeted at Sky Juice for removing his shirt in-front of so much man. Links turned the place on its head when he immediately directed his attention at the Italian sound Heavy Hammer and made Pope references which got huge forwards. Links started playing some Kartel 45’s which was also greatly received from the crowd. Heavy Hammer had to react well to the jabs thrown by Fire Links and fortunately had some big dubs to back their speech and enjoyed another strong round. Bass Odyssey was up again to close out the round and maybe it wasn’t their strongest performance but did enough to ensure that they was through.

Round 4 Winner: Fire Links

Round 4 Eliminated Sound: Metro Media

Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 5

Round 5 of UK Cup Clash 2014 was a strictly Dub Plate round and 1 sound would be eliminated. First up was Fire Links who definitely had a really disappointing round and received little to no forwards throughout this round. It was looking pretty sticky on Links to reach the Tune-Fi-Tune after this round and would have to hope for a bad round from the remaining sounds left in the competition. Next was Heavy Hammer and like Links they didn’t seem to live up to their previous rounds and performances and was not safe by any means. There was positive signs however and Heavy Hammer certainly received more forwards than Links in this round but it was not a clear differentiate between who was the best out of the two in this round so far. Bass Odyssey was last up and instantly went on the offensive to Fire Links to get rid of the Fireman with plenty of speeches and accusing Fire Links of taking people money and not turning up to events. Odyssey played OK but also did not win the crowd over instantly despite the new Bounty killers which they played. This round was possibly the closes the call in terms of performances but the crowd made it clear who should face off in Tune-Fi-Tune.

Round 5 Winner: Bass Odyssey

Round 5 Eliminated Sound: Fire Links

UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 6

With the UK Cup Clash 2014 Round 6 on the way this was the part of the clash where the fans most enjoy and that is Tune fi Tune. What was expected to be a close encounter was really not as Heavy Hammer was dealt numerous amount of blows from the experienced Bass Odyssey when it comes to Tune fi Tune. The final score was 6-1 to Bass Odyssey who got nuff forwards and won by a landslide with the help of their Garnet Silks dubs. Heavy Hammer had some big tunes but unfortunately for the Italian sound it just didn’t connect with the crowd and therefore Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014.

UK Cup Clash 2014 Winner: Bass Odyssey

Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014

Peps Final Say

Wow Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014 and add more to their trophy cabinet and this is a indication that Worm and Damian can be considered the new Squingy and Mark on the legendary sound from country. I feel that the result is a fair result and even though I didn’t have Bass Odyssey as most of the round winners throughout the clash review I felt that they did the best considering that they played last and most sounds attempts to try and dent their box failed. Overall I was pleased with the outcome of UK Cup Clash 2014 as originally I must admit I was quite skeptical when I first read the line up when it was announced back in January/Febuary. I was most impressed with Heavy Hammer as they came really prepared to take the trophy and they should be well commended in the way that they added so much value to the clash with their big custom dubs. I was really disappointed with some of the sounds that didn’t really cut much for the occasion and just depending on the same old tunes to get them through.

King Addies would also be disappointed with their introduction performance as they had a chance to really place their stamp on UK soil and failed dramatically. King Pin looked as if he didn’t have much confidence or belief in the first round and that transcended into the crowd. It felt that Heavy Hammer round was to big for anyone to follow but a little bit of confidence and belief might have changed the outcome for King Addies. Considering this is the second time now that King Addies has come to the UK Cup Clash and flopped in the first round again means that it is going to be difficult for them to repair their UK Cup Clash reputation. Sky Juice as I predicted previously would find it hard to win this clash and considering they didn’t cut much new tunes meant it was inevitable about their outcome. I respect Fire Links attempt at this years competition as he reminded me of his old clash self where he is hard to beat and know how to draw big forwards from any tune. I felt that Links maybe needed some new dubs for the 5th round which would have seen him go into tune fi tune and considering that he chose to utilise the 45’s I thought he was saving his big dubs.

I was please with Jahman Nuclear intro round and shows that the selector has great potential I felt that maybe if he had a selector or mic man with him rather than him playing by himself might have help as sometimes when you are trying to do everything is these big clashes it looks a little unorganized and can make it difficult to make the impact you want. Little Sample can also be please with their performance as they had great moments in the clash. Well with the fact that Bass Odyssey Wins UK Cup Clash 2014 who can stop them now as they are probably the sound that has won this competition the most. Who will be on the battlefield for UK Cup Clash 2015?

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