Bugle Dont Give Up Music Video Review

Bugle Don’t Give Up is a track that I consider superb in the modern generation of reggae music. It is filled with great emotions and packed with uplifting lyrical content.

The song is relevant to many individuals going through hard struggles that they may face in life and it provides a sense of uplifting spirit to know that better must come one day. Bugle has been a great ambassador of reggae music with continuous hits that demonstrate his consistency as a conscious and inspiring artist.

Unplugged Multimedia did a great Job with the music video. There are no major gimmicks and it is to the point. I believe that the music Video does the song justice as it has a sense of reality and meditation behind it. The quality of visuals and production is of good standard and does justice to such a powerful song.

The acting for me especially in the opening scene possible could have been done slightly more convincing and I am not a major fan of the floating letter across the scenes and the devil effect on the face is a little cheesy. But with those minor criticisms I believe the Music Video is well scripted and produced, it shows a high level of professionalism without trying to go over the top with excessive special effects which in certain cases has affected Dancehall music video in the past.

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