Chauncey Mahan Denies Extortion Allegations

After great media attention the producer Chauncey Mahan denies extortion allegations of which he was accused of planning to extort millions of dollars from Jay Z.

According to TMZ, Mahan claims that he didn’t steal the master recordings but was instead asked by Def Jam to look after it in 2002. He additionally claims that Jay Z “was a stupid kid smoking blunts” and was irresponsible at that time.

Furthermore, over the last 10 years, he also informed the rapper’s employees about the recordings’ whereabouts. He claims that he only asked money last week because he could not pay anymore for the storage fees of the master recordings.

He allegedly asked for $100,000 for the masters, which include works from Vol. 3… The Life And Times Of S. Carter and The Dynasty Roc La Familia (2000- ). Mahan also claims that some of the recordings don’t sound good.

As reported yesterday, the recordings are currently in the custody of the law enforcement officers until a judge determines the recordings’ ownership.

Chauncey Mahan Denies Extortion Allegations

Peps Final Say

Its not a big surprise that Chauncey Mahan Denies Extortion Allegations now that the issue has been exposed. Some feel he is telling the truth some will feel he is trying to wiggle out of it. Personally I feel that he thought he might have been able to get a quick payoff and that it might to much for Jay Z to go through the whole legal procedure but to Chauncey Mahan surprise he ended up with his back against the wall. One thing for sure those masters are worth a whole heap of money, so whoever end up with it will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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  1. K W
    5 years ago

    Why would a guy as big as Jay Z (someone who goes HOV as if he is the new JEHOVAH that can replace Jesus) need to snitch on his producer to the LAPD because he didn’t want to negotiate like a man? Jay Z doesn’t own any of those drives he tried to rob from this guy but wants to use the LAPD to take them for nothing even though there are many other artist besides Jay on those drives because Chauncey was producing many artists back then… LL Cool J, Puff, etc… I don’t see any of them snitchin’!? Jay Z. And Roc nation just acting like a bunch of thugs and letting their lawyers and cops do all the dirty work for them while claiming these LIES! Man up Z!!