Dancehall Flash Takes over Notting Hill Carnival 2013

Apart from Hancock or even Meteor Man it is hard to locate a true black superhero nowadays. Well the crowd was in a frenzy at this years Notting Hill Carnival when the Dancehall Flash made a guest appearance showing the crowd how to actually dance to Hip Hop, House Music, Afrobeats, Bashment/Dancehall, Reggae and Soca. Flash was filled with energy from he entered the Notting Hill Carnival until he zipped out of the place after the last float locked off in Ladbroke Grove.

Each year Notting Hill Carnival is filled with excitement and tons of people dressed in colourful and exotic costumes to celebrate the biggest street party in London. For many lucky people that was fortunate to attend this year’s Carnival, they were in for a treat as the Superhero Flash was present.
OK I know what you are thinking this doesn’t sound quite like the typical carnival attire and given carnivals Caribbean roots, you wouldn’t really class a Super Heroes or in fact a fancy dressed costumes in the same class as what is usually worn by the traditional Carnival entertainers. But this year Flash seemed to have taken centre stage and was rapidly becoming a popular figure among most of the party goers.

The camera’s was flashing non-stop with many wanting to grab the chance to take a picture with their beloved Super Hero. Rumour has it that Flash wasn’t working alone during the Carnival, he also had his sidekick He-Man Present who was also joining in on all the action and fun.


Flash was spotted at some of the biggest spots which included the popular Rampage Sound, All Saints Road where King Tubby and Peoples sound string up their Sound Systems. Flash was in full swing teaching the public how to really dance and fully enjoy themselves. Many could not keep up with Flash and He-Man as they both had dance moves galore to keep the party bouncing. What was extremely admirable Flash was at his gentlemen best when asked to stop dancing and take a picture with his fan’s.

Peps Final Say

I was fortunate to run into the Dancehall Flash Man and witness him taking it to Notting Hill Carnival differently.
Even though people may not know who the man behind the mask is, it is great to see people really taking part in the celebration and making the most of this fabulous event. Flash was loved by all in attendance and I wont be surprised if there is a mass search to find out who the real Dancehall Flash man is. Notting Hill Carnival has been given bad press over the years and the negatives have always tend to over shadow the fun and excitement that the public experiences.
I want to take the time to shout out the Flash man for taking the time and getting fully involved in Notting Hill Carnival 2013 and this is a great example to show that at the end of the day that getting involved in such a great event is one of the main aspects for everyone. Maximum respect Flash and lets hope you make another great appearance next year.

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