Eminem on Yelawolf’s “Love Story” album

In a recent video posted on Yelawolf’s Facebook page, Eminem shares his thoughts about Yelawolf’s new album entitled “Love Story”.

Eminem feels that Yelawolf is starting to take form in terms of music in this released record. He added that everything is beginning to combine into something true as Yela is deciding which path to take and stick with it.
At first, Yelawolf handled the “Love Story” recording process on his own in Nashville, Tennessee then Eminem helped out and produced the album. In the said Facebook video, Yelawolf is delighted that his album is finally coming into fruition and with Eminem’s assistance to boot. He admitted that it transformed into a different album the moment Eminem stepped in. It all finally “made sense” when Shady was featured in “Best Friend”, one of the tracks in the album. This is Yela’s second studio album from Shady Records and Interscope records and is said to have more passion than the first one. “Love Story” was recently released last April 21, 2015.

The album consists of 18 songs about important parts of Yelawolf’s life and the songs where a combination of Hip Hop and folk music. He labels his style as “culturally schizophrenic” that glues because of his honesty towards what he likes and who he truly is. The album was received positively by music critics with emphasis on its emotional feel as well as its ambitious production. It was said to be a dramatic improvement compared to Yelawolf’s first record “Radioactive” which critics described as “messy and compromised.”

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