Flippa Moggela Back In U.S. Court This May

The tension and axiety is beginning to brew as Dancehall artist Flippa Moggela Back In U.S. Court this May.

Flippa Moggela, formerly known as Flippa Mafia, will be back to the court on May 27 as he faces his drug trafficking case in the United States.

The dancehall artist, who is referred to by the U.S. authorities as drug lord, will be back to court on May 27 where he is expected to make a plea. A trial date will then be scheduled for the Flippa along with his younger brother.

Flippa was arrested last September 2013 in Los Angeles after he entered the US illegally. His younger brother, Kemar Davis along with seven other individuals were caught by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agents.

The dancehall artist, whose real name is Andrew Davis, was extradited to New Jersey where he is currently held on a bond of half a million dollar. He’s now facing charges related to cocaine distribution, leading an international drug ring, and money laundering charges. If convicted, he can face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Flippa Moggela Back In U.S. Court This May

Flippa Moggela Back In U.S. Court This May

Peps Final Say

This is going to be a testing month for Flippa Moggela as many will feel that his faith is already sealed and he might be looking at a lengthy time behind bars. Its a sad situation for the artist and I guess only time will tell on the outcome for this crazy situation and dilemma that he is caught up in.

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