James Arthur’s Family Worried, Singer Admits He’s Mentally Broken

X-Factor’s 2012 winner James Arthur is blaming fame for his meltdown recently according to Sian, his older sister. She gave such statement during her interview today with Sunday Mirror.

The 25-year-old singer told his sister that he’s extremely stressed, which is brought about by his fame leading to his mental breakdown. Her sister said, “Sometimes I wish he’d never won X Factor. Despite having what he’s always wanted he says he feels like a caged animal surrounded by yes-men and is really lonely.”

His stress started when he dissed One Direction, followed by insulting Matt Cardle by calling him a failure then his diss track for Micky Worthless calling him a “f*cking queer.”

His sister and other members of the family are very worried about the singer since he has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, he did attempt to commit suicide before.

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