JWN involved in 61st Denbigh Agricultural Showcase event

J. Wray & Nephew limited has teamed up yet again with the Jamaica Agricultural Society for the annual Denbigh Agricultural Showcase event. The Denbigh Agricultural Showcase 2013 is scheduled to begin be on August 4 and finish August 6

This year is special as it’s the 61st Denbigh Agricultural Showcase celebration of achievements in agriculture.

J. Wray & Nephew has lined up a lot of activities that will definitely have the patrons partying nonstop.

Jared Samuels out of the Wray & Nephew camp said,

“This year Wray and Nephew will be celebrating 61 years of the Denbigh Agricultural Showcase with a Welcome Bar on entry to the venue which will have Free Sampling of specialty Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum & Stone’s Ginger Wine mixes All Day.

Our main bar the Mahogany Tree Bar will be the centre of attraction, we will be selling JWN products, having free sampling of JWN products between 12pm and 7pm as well as providing the best atmosphere for the celebrations.

The president’s Pavilion will also have a JWN Premium Bar our premium products through cocktails such as Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, Hennessy and Absolut Vodka.”

For the 61st Denbigh Agricultural Showcase celebration J. Wray & Nephew will be providing entertainment for Denbigh 2013 patrons. Apparently there will be a Music Van that will be playing music and having Karaoke competitions all day with lots of giveaways. There will also be Domino tables for patrons who enjoy a good game of dominoes at the Mahogany Tree Bar.

Peps Final Say

Wow this seems to be a great event and considering that it will be the 61st Denbigh Agricultural Showcase event I know that with the involvement of J. Wray & Nephew this will certainly not be one to miss.
I wish I was there to get involved with the Dominoes or would be even better if they had a Ludo table lined up.

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