Kanye West Announces Release of Adidas Sneakers

Kanye West announces release of Adidas sneakers last Monday, April 7 during his performance at the Adidas Global Brand Conference and finally confirmed that his sneaker collaboration with the shoe company will arrive this summer.

“You will see the next Yeezys in June,” Yeezy said to the crowd.

Ibn Jasper, a friend of West and a fellow designer posted a photo via his Instagram account with the same quote except he called them “YEEZi” with an i.

No further details about how the sneakers would look like have been released but if it’s similar with the one he released under Nike, we could expect that it’ll be a big hit.

West was recently spotted wearing a replica pair of Adidas Originals ZX710.

Kanye West Announces Release of Adidas Sneakers

Aside from West, Adidas has been securing lots of deals with big-time artists like Rita Ora, 2 Chainz, and Pharrell Williams who are all designing kicks and apparels for the brand.

Peps Final Say

Kanye taking this Yeezy brand all the way to the top. Now that Kanye West Announces release of Adidas sneakers will this make the demand go crazy like how his Air Yeezy for Nike sell out in 10 minutes or is the hype finally over? One thing for sure at least he is getting the opportunity to break into the fashion industry and it seems that Adidas will provide Kanye with the creative freedom that he has been demanding over the past few years. I wish Kanye the best of luck and hopefully we will get a chance to see what he is capable of come summer.

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