Killer Mike salutes active Police Officer

Killer Mike is known to be outspoken whether it’s about riots, race relations, or something personal. Just recently, he praised Tommy Norman, an Arkansas Police Officer, for his active involvement in the community.

Killer Mike, whose father also happens to be a police officer, encouraged everyone to follow the police officer’s Instagram and pay close attention to the officer’s acts. He observed that Norman has been diligently patrolling the neighborhood every day. Mike also noted that the officer takes time to interact with people, mentioning that he was seen taking pictures with African-American families. Killer supports Norman’s advocacy because he does not like black death to be a common sight on television. He has high respects for the officer because he is very well aware that their neighborhood, North Little Rock, is not an easy place to police to start with. He said that everyone in the community, police or not, should get involved in keeping the peace with the same passion and determination as the said policeman.

Tommy Norman felt honored to have been praised by Killer Mike and added that he was unaware the hip hop artist sent such commendation. He was glad that people, celebrities even, reacted positively to his social media efforts since that was his goal in the first place. He wanted to inspire other people, not just fellow police officers, to be active in keeping the neighborhood secure and making a difference asa result. He believes that this can be achieved if police officers and people work together to fight crime and make the place more peaceful to live in.

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