Lil’ Kim Requests Thousands Worth of Baby Gifts

Rumour has it that Queen B aka Lil’ Kim requests thousands worth of baby gifts.

American record producer and rapper Lil’ Kim has allegedly asked to close $70,000 worth of gifts for her baby from different shops, according to XXL

Kimberly Denise Jones, popularly known as Lil’ Kim, who’s expecting her first child has revealed to the public information about her baby registries.

“This includes $30,626.02 worth of merchandise from Petit Tresor, $6,955 of gifts from Tiffany’s, $27,494.64 from Bel Bambini and $4,835.17 from Buy Buy Baby,” the XXL says. “Babies R Us is also listed as having a registry for Kimberly Jones on the baby shower invite, but no registry was found.”

Furthermore, the publication claims that her family and friends have bought $1,074.68 worth of items from her registries.

Below are some of the items the rapper has registered for:

1 antique dresser
2 cribs
2 mom chairs
3 baby monitors
3 cradles
3 high chairs
3 humidifiers
3 nail trimmers
3 play pens
3 thermometers
3 Tiffany’s silver fork and spoon sets
3 Tiffany’s sterling silver spoons
4 bassinet/ strollers
4 nasal aspirators
5 Tiffany’s sterling silver cups
8 baby carriers
8 bassinets
9 bathtubs
9 car seats
10 baby loungers/chairs
11 strollers

According to Us Weekly, the registry information was posted by Lil’ Kim’s assistant.

Lil’ Kim Requests Thousands Worth of Baby Gifts

Lil’ Kim Requests Thousands Worth of Baby Gifts

Peps Final Say

I guess everyone is entitled to spend what ever they want on their children and also giving Lil Kim status and extravagant lifestyle I am sure she would want to make sure her child has the very best. It may seem extreme to people from the outside looking it but more than likely the norm for the rich and famous.

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