Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy is Bronx Rapper Papers

After news of Lil’ Kim broke out, her fans were wondering about the father of Kim’s child. But thanks to social media, the curiosity of her fans was answered and that Bronx rapper Papers is apparently the father of her child.

“I heard everybody looking for me ?????????????????: he asked on Twitter last Thursday.

Bossip shares that Papers has changed his name in Twitter into “Daddy” and that he has been dating Kim for quite some time.

Seven months ago, he even posted a photo of himself embracing Kim with a caption, “My partna in Krime.”

Kim also posted a photo of the two of them six months ago through her Instagram account in which she captioned, “Mr. and Mrs. @mr_papers”.

Aside from Papers, Kim has dated late Notorious B.I.G. and producer Scott Storch.

Peps Final Say

Damn Lil Kim still mixed up in controversy after so many years, I would have assumed she would be settled and just focusing on her music career and trying to get it back on track. Shout out the Queen B though as one thing for sure she knows how to keep her name hot.

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