Low Down Dirty Shame Movie Review

Low Down Dirty Shame Movie Review

Having released a few other movies in the past which successfully ransacked the 1970’s blaxploitation genre, star, director and writer Keenen Ivory Wayans comes with a wonderful production, which I class as an all time classic, Low Down Dirty Shame.

Low Down Dirty Shame is a movie I personally cannot get enough of and it’s definitely going to be in my DVD collection for a long time. I didn’t only love the characters, but also the story which in my opinion, is just classic. Hear me out:

Being turned out of the Los Angeles Police Department, Andre Shame seems to be unable to get new cases no matter how hard he tries. And even though he has a lot of street wisdom and that kind of charm you’d rarely see in a cop, these traits are of no help to him.

This lasts until Agent Rothmiller (one character in the movie I find sneaky), who is working with the DEA offers him a very special covert job. In this new task he has been assigned, Shame needs to track down twenty million dollars in drug money from Mendoza, who in my opinion is a pretty badass narcotics baron. In a bid of upping the humor quotient, Shame’s perky assistant (by the funny and descriptive name of Peaches) starts overdoing the enthusiastic incompetence, which gives this movie some pulse, but it may become too cheap for some viewers who might interpret it as too forced.

Low Down Dirty Shame Movie Review

The scene that cracked me up the most is when Peaches housemate Wayman is in the club dancing and then gets shot, I was in hysterics on the over acting by Wayman. also another scene was when Peaches tells Shame that “If you sing a James Brown song, dogs will not attack” and Shame actually puts that to the test when he’s being chased by 4 Rottweillers. And you know what? It works! Oh my god, I just can’t stop laughing thinking about it!
Another character to enter the scene is Angela, the gumshoe’s old flame and she turns up on Mendoza’s arm in an attempt of adding some romantic rivalry. I for one can’t take my eyes off her because let’s face it: she is smoking hot!

Peaches is actually played by Jada Pinkett and I must admit this film made me absolutely adore Jada Pinkett. Her character Peaches was remarkable, she had the ghetto rough edge with the smooth mixed with sexy and elegant appeal. After I originally saw this film I must have purchased every Jada Pinkett film as I certainly became a fan.

Peps Final Say

All in all, Low Down Dirty Shame proves to be a great movie if you’re like me and love old schools movies of this genre. I think that there’s no better way to spend a Friday night than enjoying a production as this proved to be! It is great to appreciate comedy at its finest where the jokes are not as over exaggerated as they are in some of today’s movies. This film has received mixed reviews and maybe because of Jada Pinkett I might be biased but I personally consider Low Down Dirty Shame as an all time classic. Check out the trailer below and feel free to leave a comment.

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