Menace II Society Movie Review

Menace II Society Movie Review

Menace to society is one of the nineties movies that I extremely appreciated at the time because it had a very credible story and amazing characters that know how to play their roles very well. This debut comes from twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes (one of my all time favorite directors) and it’s one of the most critically acclaimed urban crime movies from this period.

I love that the movie takes place in Los Angeles in the Watts neighborhood (this is a place that I have always wanted to visit!!) and how wonderfully it’s narrated by eighteen years old Caine who is played by Tyrin Turner. He is a car thief and also a drug dealer living with his parents, who are very religious people. After he finally manages to graduate from high school, Caine shows no interest in doing something with his life and thoughts of him going to college are as rare as you can imagine. I can relate to him a bit here, having seen myself and many close friends go through the same thing during our younger years(luckily now I am a Masters Graduate).


Because of Caine’s simplistic and of course degrading attitude towards life and what he wants to make out of his, Caine’s grandparents soon kick him out of the house.
But you’ll immediately notice like I did that Caine has another big problem and that is his best friend O-Dog who is played by Larenz Tate. He is a vicious thug and the police are after him. On top of that, other bad influences and dangerous people in his life are the family and friends of the girl he got pregnant and then turned his back on (I sure wouldn’t want to be in his shoes). Surrounded by so much misfortune and people who want to do him wrong, Caine’s only friend in all of this is Ronnie who is played by the wonderful Jada Pinkett Smith.

Ronnie is a single parent and she does everything she can in order to raise her young son with him falling prey to the old and destructive hood mentality. I honestly grew to love Ronnie because of how supportive she was towards Caine. Soon, the 2 have a love affair and Ronnie tries to convince him as much as possible that it would be better if they’d move together to Atlanta. However, soon after that he gets shot and almost dies. When he recovers, he accepts her offer, but tragedy strikes a they’re packing things in their van. I bet you’re really curious right now as I was when you read that, so wait no longer and watch this movie as soon as possible!

Peps Final Say

Menace II Society is contains an emotionally deep story line and I would certainly consider Menace II Society as one of my favourite “hood” films. I always appreciate a movie with a strong meaning and message behind it and something that I can often relate to. Larenz Tate and Jada Pinkett was my pick out actors in this movie as they played their roles extremely well.

All in all Menace II Society is an all time classic with the actors really impressing throughout. Check out the trailer for the movie below and feel free to drop a comment.

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