Nas talks Made Nas Proud Remix and working with J Cole

Hip Hop fans got a treat last night when Hip Hop legend Nas Called into J Cruz show on Power 106 to discuss the hottest remix on the road “Made Nas Proud”. J Coles original track “Let Nas Down” created storm as the young hip hop legend paid great tribute to Nas, in which Escobar said he could not resist creating the remix for. “[Cole’s song] was speaking right to me,” Nas said. “I couldn’t help it. It was one of those things where you can’t even help yourself.”

During the phone-in Nas also confirms that he has plans to have Cole featured on his upcoming album which will be a great move for Hip Hop. Can you imagine the the power this song will be given the talent from both lyricists.

Nas also speaks on attending Kanye West’s birthday party and chilling with Jay-Z, Instagram video, Vine and his new sneaker store in Las Vegas.

Nas has a few new business ventures which is great for the artist

Overall this was a great short interview which shed light on so many unanswered questions. Let Nas Down and Made Nas Proud are two great tracks of 2013 and demonstrate great respect among to well respected artist towards each other. Nas has always been one of my favorite artist and J.Cole has impressed me with his superb talent that I am certain he is on the way to legendary status in the Hip Hop game.

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