New Fragrance from Puffy Daddy strikes at “3 AM”

Puff Daddy is back with “3 AM” after launching his first fragrance nine years ago under his own fashion lifestyle company “Sean John”. This is his third fragrance since 2006 – the first one being “Unforgivable” followed by a confident “I am King”.

To spice things up, the music mogul launched the scent with a sensual commercial which features his girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The video was directed by Nabil Elderkin known for his works on Kanye West’s “Mercy” and Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin’ Ass”. In the racy video, Puffy fulfills his fantasy of chasing and making love with a naked Cassie. The red moon background makes the scenes dark and seductive at the same time.

The steamy video represents everything that 3 AM is for Sean Combs. According to him, It’s the time when you are alone with a girl that you wish to fantasize with and make that fantasy a reality. It’s the hour where the boundaries of fun is pushed to the limits since anything can happen.

The new Sean John scent was originally made as a cologne but transitioned into a unisex scent since women have also taken a liking to it. As have been shown in the video, Puff Daddy wants a lot of people to get laid with the help of the fragrance. He wants sexual fantasies fulfilled and accomplished, especially when the clock strikes 3. Being stopped at an elevator and having people ask what scent you’re wearing is what Puffy had in mind for the scent.

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