Nicki Minaj’s made a lucky fan’s 13th birthday celebration 13 times happier

Last week in New York, Nicki Minaj performed for a kid’s birthday party which was held at the Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel. Aside from performing her widely acclaimed single “Super Bass”, the Trinidadian rapper also posed for photos with the people in the party where most notable was her Instagram post with the lucky celebrant named “Matt” and his parents. Other celebrities were invited as well and one of them is NBA legendary shooting guard John Starks.

All we know of the NYC kid is that his name is Matt Murstein but we also know that he’s lucky enough to receive some life advice from Nicki Minaj. The crowd was mostly composed of teenagers which is probably why Nicki proceeded with such approach. For the boys, her words of wisdom went “Get an education, stay in school, and don’t be a slouch or a bum” implying that employing such tactic is the best way to become a completely responsible gentleman. But what Nicki had to say for the girls (or those who’ll soon have their bat mitzvah) had more emphasis as she encouraged independence by saying “Never let a man take care of you. Be your own woman, be your own person.”

Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish practice that states when a boy reaches 13 years old, he becomes fully responsible for his actions. It literally translates to “son of commandment” or a coming of age. Bat mitzvah is the female counterpart for such ritual and is carried out when the girl turns 12, a year younger. With what transpired in Matt’s birthday, this makes any other bar and bat mitzvah look average compared to his went.

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