Pharrell Williams ICECREAM Meets SpongeBob Squarepants

As a huge fan of SpongeBob Square pants Pharrell Williams has decided that it is only right to collaborate SpongeBob with his popular Billionaire Boys Club ICECREAM brand.

The design of the items look catchy and I will certainly be grabbing myself a T-Shirt and Sweater as I am personally impress with some of the designs.


OK many might think that its childish having a cartoon character on the front of your clothes, especially a character such as SpongeBob. The way the clothes have been designed I still think has a level of class and subtleness about them so I don’t see it as kiddie clothing.

BBC Icecream X SpongeBob

Peps Final Say

I always like to see Hip Hop artist branch out from music and become entrepreneurs by exploring and investing their wealth into other business ventures.

Clothing has been a popular avenue with Diddy’s Sean Combs clothing collection which was popular in the late 90’s, Snoop had a few garments on offer with his Doggy range of clothing and also and not forgetting Jay Z Rocawear clothing.

I am actually a huge fan of the Billionaire Boys Club Ice cream range given the colorful and bright styles in design. With the new collaboration with Sponge bob I am sure this will ensure that the brand will be exposed to more markets with as SpongeBob is a fairly big brand especially with the cartoon doing well.

I wish Pharrell all the best with this new venture and hope the Billionaire Boys Club brand gains more popularity internationally.

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