Rihanna Endorses Busy Signals Hot Single: Come Over

It seems that Rihanna has boosted popular Dancehall/Reggae artist Busy Signals commercial popularity!
Ri Ri sang Busy Singal’s popular hit Come Over (Missing You) on her recent instagram video which has now been getting great publicity.


The hot single produced by Notice Productions has been circulating in the Dancehall for a couple of years but now seems to have burst into global recognition now that the superstar fully endorsed it.

Since Rihanna’s instagram video the original track which is on the on the Heart & Soul Rhythm has seen a massive increase of over two million views in a matter of days. Rihanna did look like she was under some good meditation singing the Busy Signal’ssong

Thanks to the increased viewership the video has propelled its way onto MTV IGGY, an official arm of MTV that relentlessly scours the globe in search of exciting young musicians creating the sounds of the future.

During a interview with the media Wayne Unga Thompson ‏CEO of Notice Production and Producer of the track explained, “Over the past couple of days I have been getting a lot of calls and feedback about the song and that’s how I became aware of what Rihanna had done… for that I give thanks! But more importantly this proves once again the significant impact that Reggae music has around the globe.” In closing the musical virtuoso pleaded for the nation and its policy makers to respect and do more to uplift the Jamaican culture.

Peps Final Say

Wow this is massive for reggae music and shows that good music can never go unnoticed. I have been featuring the Busy Signal track repeatedly on my Dancehall show and always felt that such a big song and rhythm track should be on the global stage and now look what we have. I am glad that the hard work of Wayne Unga Thompson and the Notice Production family is recognized and hopefully more and more Reggae/Dancehall producers work will get more and more global recognition.

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