Rihanna Goes Bottomless For French Magazine

Rihanna goes bottomless for French magazine and has the nation going crazy with these new raunchy pictures that seems to be taking over the internet.

Bajan singer Rihanna was recently photographer wearing only a bra top during a photoshoot for a French magazine.

TMZ posted more than 70 pictures of the singer on the balcony with head down with her naked butt high in the air revealing her bikini tan lines. Astonishingly, RiRi stood in such pose until the photographer finished taking the right shots.

Rihanna Goes Bottomless For French Magazine

Even though she noticed some paparazzi taking pictures at her, the 26-year-old singer continued to do the shoot with a smile.

This isn’t the first time that Rihanna got almost naked for a magazine photoshoot because in January, she did some racy photos for Vogue Brazil. In the shoot, she was topless with only a tape covering her nipples.

Peps Final Say

Damn Rihanna Goes Bottomless For French Magazine is going to have everyone talking. when it comes to taking controversial pictures Rihanna doesn’t shy away considering how many she has taken over the past couple of years. I don’t like to judge but I think Rihanna needs to possibly start to impose a few limits to her magazine shoots. The pictures look cool but doesn’t preserve much class and elegance in my opinion. I suppose if you have that much confidence and proud of your body then do your thing but I am being to wonder just how much further is Rihanna willing to go when it comes to posing for these magazines.

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