Snoop Lion Reincarnated Album Ranking High

Snoop Dogg who now goes under the alias as Snoop Lion made the transition from gangster / pimp to the Rastafarian faith, and found the inspiration through his new faith to make a Reggae based album entitled Reincarnated.

With the new reggae album Reincarnated Snoop Lion is making an extremely huge impact on various music charts internationally with it averaging within the top 5.

The Reincarnated Deluxe Version stole the number one spot in both the United States and Belgium. In Canada the album took the second spot and also ranked fairly high in France by claiming position three and fourth for Germany and Spain.

Reincarnated is currently number one on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart after being on the chart for nine weeks and Reincarnated also peaked at number 16 on Billboard 200, which measures the top-selling album among all genres.

This is a great achievement for Snoop as he is a well established Hip Hop artist so for crossing genres this proves that he has the talent and skills to be successful in any genre of music. For Reggae music on a whole this is great news as it keeps the genre alive and also ensures that it gains more global recognition and exposure among the other genres of music.

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