Spice Confirms Naked Photo Is Not Her

Dancehall artist Spice threatened a blogger after an alleged nude photo of her circulated online claiming that it’s her.

Her alleged nude photo began to circulate online on some dancehall websites and on social media. One site even claims that the photo shows the diva naked sitting down on a sex toy.

But the angry singer took to her Instagram account to shut down the reports, even threatening the blogger. A rep for Spice confirmed that it’s not her and that they’re planning to sue certain websites for defamation.

“Clearly this photo is not spice and this is defamation and we will be taking action,” the rep said.

Spice was angry with the site that posted the image she tweeted

Spice continued to share her frustration on Instagram and said

“so i just saw this pic that @dancehallstars.com post up and claim is a naked Picture of me sitting on a Sex toy…….@dancehallstars if mi wah siddong pan sumn mi have a real Kocky inna mi bed Every Night fi siddong pan…..mi wah buck d Bitch wah put up this False Blog about mi fi Buck u in a u Blooooodclaaaat face…u no need glasses fi see say thats not me …and you didnt have the nerve to contact anyone from my Team for Facts before u take u Dutty Self a discriminate mi u know what better yet Im gonna Sue u for Every Last Penny u got #Assoles. #SpoilmiSunday #Fiction #NotMe#HateHaters”

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