Jermaine Dupri iPhone Game “4 Lanes”

It appears that hip hop musicians and producers are not only drawn to music but to gaming and technology, and they do so with unmatched passion.

American rapper, producer and songwriter Jermaine Dupri or JD has developed his own phone game called “4 Lanes”. Most hip hop artists would go for a music app but JD decided to create an app that’s not a music platform. The game is about collecting lots of cash while escaping from the police. He said that he was always doing things that would get him his own lane and this game is said to propel him into the gaming world along with his other 2 passions: technology and music.

Jermaine admits that he enjoys the application he created and encourages other players to share their highest scores.

He is happy that the game was received well by the gaming community. He was also excited when players compete over the leader boards. He declared that the game is definitely difficult, which will certainly make you feel a great sense of accomplishment. JD also said he reached the top rank for a night. He likes that the game is building up to be highly competitive. The game is available only in iPhone and there have been no confirmations if an Android version is under way.

This isn’t the first time that Dupri has worked with gaming or technology. In the year 1999, he produced the intro for the football video game Madden NFL 2000 which featured Ludacris. 5 years ago, he founded an online music community

back to music, he is reported to be working for his upcoming record called “The Dark Recesses of My Imagination”

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