T. Rodgers helpful to ending Game vs Young Thug feud

T.Rodgers aims to settle Game vs Young Thug conflict in social media by stepping in between the two rappers.
In a REVOLT TV interview, Rodgers shared how he had to come between Young Thug and Game which lead to their reconciliation.

He said that it was John Monopoly, talent scout and Hip Hop manager, who reached out to him to quell the Game-Thug quarrel. He declared that, though the 2 feuding rappers may be idols to the youth 24 years old and below, they were not being good models of the African-American community as a whole. With that, Rodger’s manager requested that he intervene because the “kids need help.” He then agreed to orchestrate the peace talks because he believes that it is his responsibility because he has the wisdom and the “kids” deserved guidance.

Together with Monopoly, they contacted the two young rappers and convinced them to make amends since more fighting won’t do any good to the unrest in Baltimore. The peace talk was made possible with the help of JoJo Capone, a common friend of Game and Young Thug. Capone was crucial in convincing Game and Thugger to enter into a truce and was most active into bringing peace, added Rodgers.

T. Rodgers is one of the founders of “The Almighty Black P. Stone Blood Nation”, a street gang from Chicago which makes him a dignitary in the African-American community. Due to this,
The tension between Thugger and Game was confirmed when the aforementioned rappers made an announcement in their respective social media accounts.

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