Talib Kweli believes “Music does not Kill People”

During Talib Kweli’s performance at the 2015 Block Party LA, he addressed the audience about social justice by saying “Without justice, we’re not going to be peaceful. You can’t be peaceful if you have no justice.”

Kweli believes that one shouldn’t be sorry for being poor. Any person deserves to belong in a society as long as you’re compassionate and intelligent enough to stand for freedom. According to Talib, one should not go asking what life owes him. He doesn’t like the idea that one is unable to relate to solidarity, and that there is a proper time for that. He strongly assures that the society supports you most when you are willing to stand up for something.

Anyone who loves Hip Hop should know that this particular genre of music is supposed to unify people of varying cultures, race, or nationalities. The music is not made for evil nor is it made to kill people. Instead, he believes that it is organized racism by corrupt police officers is what’s wrong and he intends to fight back against such system. He understand that, in the end, it’s about “equality and justice” and not about comparing one person’s value over another. As mentioned earlier, the community will never be at peace if it does not support justice. An individual cannot attain peace if one doesn’t have a sense of justice, he concluded.

Talib performed his own “Get By”, with Kanye West’s “Get ‘Em High”aAnd “Hot Thing” which he dedicated to Dj Eque, his wife.

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