Wiley and iTunes in dispute – The Ascent album leaked early

Following on from his recent chart success, last night UK Grime innovator Wiley decided to leak his highly anticipated and upcoming studio album ‘The Ascent’ ahead of the original Monday 1 April 2013 release date. This decision was a result from a dispute with iTunes earlier in the day, as it seemed they wouldn’t allow him to make changes to the album once he had sent it over.



Wiley announced via his Twitter page stating that if iTunes did not meet his requirements and contact him in regards to the changes, he would leak the album by 7pm last night. He teased his fans and followers with a zip file of the album, which was ready to be leaked.


Take a look at his tweets below as the controversial album leak unfolded:


Wiley then went on to stress that his label and manager were ignoring his issues up until his decision to leak the album.


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