Wiz Khalifa Performs “See You Again” in Saturday Night Live

Last May 2, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth performed their emotional tribute to the late Paul Walker “See You Again” in Saturday Night Live. The song was featured in the 7th film of the Fast and the Furious franchise movie where Paul recently starred in. This event establishes Khalifa’s debut appearance as the main guest performer on SNL. The Pittsburgh songwriter performed the song with a live band, taking only a mic stand while being backed up by Puth’s piano and singing. In the same night, he performed another song “We Dem Boyz” which fans should take time to check out.

Aside from the catchy and melodramatic chorus, “See You Again” became a smash hit because it perfectly captured how fans feel for the late American actor who died in a tragic accident. It was literally the number one song in the country because it reached the number one spot on many charts including Hot RnB Hip-hop Songs, Hot Rap Songs and even on Billboard Hot 100. In the popular music app Spotify, it was the most streamed song with about 4.2 million streams in just one day.

The video for the popular song consists of shots of Puth and Khalifa performing on top of a Los Angeles hill with scenes of the fallen star Paul Walker from the Fast and Furious 7 movie. The video reached 3 million views as it sinks hearts in Youtube. The music video ends with Paul’s character driving off the other road where he disappears in the most poignant and dramatic way.

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